They’re what Mamma Squishy has Steatocystomas.

If you’re restricted mod here is a pic of how to open it. There are 3 dots … top right click on them you should get drop down something similar to the pic. Click on your internet browser and it should open
I click on safari and it opens. Good luck x

It is so much nicer to watch when you put everything on a gauze rather than your glove…thanks You’re probably scrolling through the comments, like I am, reading all these motivational comments. If you are reading this at night, you should get some sleep, and don’t stress about everything going on in the world, or what you are going through. Don’t dwell on things from the past, don’t stress on your future. Just live your life, because you only get one. Do whatever makes you happy, not what other people want from you.

The fact that all of that is coming out his back but yet before she extracts them it looks as though nothing is there Someone please , what exactly is coming out of his back like this ? I’ve never seen this before and it’s disgustingly fascinating.

This poor person. I looked up studies on Accutane as a treatment and it worked at first then it made it worse. Basically tough luck on a cure. I feel so sorry for them. If this was my back, I’d definitely be asking for some 2-3 way mirror system so I could watch this in real time!

seeing the debris shown on the paper towel! She prefers that instead of being on the glove. She finds that disgusting You know you’re a freak when you click so fast after seeing stringcheese-like content in the thumbnail. lol.

When are y’all gonna realize most of the time doctors are the ones sending people to these places to get stuff done because they know what they are doing and it’s probably more affordable then seeing a dermatologist to remove blackheads and small cysts

It makes me nervous that they dont fully take out the pus, like why?? Thats precisely what you have to do Been begging for a video where she shows all the stuff she removed together like this!!! Pleaseee do this every video at least at the end!

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