This one was great Huong, so many good pops!

If you’re restricted mod here is a pic of how to open it. There are 3 dots … top right click on them you should get drop down something similar to the pic. Click on your internet browser and it should open
I click on safari and it opens. Good luck x

she does complete them when she does the cupping (bamboo tubes) and we only see a few minutes of her work on film, so relax everyone . take a shot of rum , eat a slice of pizza and let this woman do her AMAZING JOB!!! Hopefully without criticism!

Shallow pops so the guy has to come back in two weeks. Just once I’d love to see you squeeze and get all of the contents out. He’s looking terrific! Even the scars look better. Always good for some amazing pops. Why do we feel like we know some of these people, like personally, and want to cheer them on?!

He’S back and looking great. Ms Huong will find all his treasures and remove them! But his skin looks wonderful FANTASTIC job clearing his skin

So happy to see him again, his skin looks much better! (I remember when he came in with a lot of inflammation from using the wrong products for his skin.) Dear Huong, thank you for sharing an update video! You are the best!

Hey Nhat!!!! wow, I remember the first vid with him, his skin was so in need of care, every pore just about needed emptying etc etc. His skin has so very much improved under Huong’s amazing care. Well done, sweet Huong, well done! Love from Australia!

I see his given up on the chemical stuff he put on his face and started coming to you more consistently and BOY does it make a difference ! His skin and acne is coming along nicely and he must be following your instruction with the cream/ointment and antibiotics WOUNDERFUL Houng Well done

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