Loved this one. Very satisfying!

If you’re restricted mod here is a pic of how to open it. There are 3 dots … top right click on them you should get drop down something similar to the pic. Click on your internet browser and it should open
I click on safari and it opens. Good luck x
Watching the best video 2020 here

I’d love to see him when his treatment is finished. I love the fact that she’s taking her time and not unnecessarily sticking him with that instrument. It’s very time consuming and uncomfortable but my God his self image and self esteem will increase exponentially.

Is it just my imagination or does it seem like every single pore is full? I wonder if they can feel a difference after they’ve been squeezed.

Am I the only one who has to keep forcing myself to relax my jaw and breath while I watch these videos?

I’m watching this and part 2 over and over And over….every pore stuffed and popped to perfection my friend popping Gods delivered this time for sure! The fella must feel like his skin can breath! And away we goooooooooooooooo

I swear to god, the worker is so adorable, especially the way she says Hi at the beginning ^-^ Also, the videos are sooo satisfying! I hope they treat the skin with moisturizing cream and toners and stuff, so that it won’t get irritated again

You talk so nicely with your clients. I wish I could understand your language. He is a handsome boy.

Tech this was a great job on your part. Very professional, Thank you to your client for letting this video to be recorded and shared.

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