WOW! That was amaze balls!

If you’re restricted mod here is a pic of how to open it. There are 3 dots … top right click on them you should get drop down something similar to the pic. Click on your internet browser and it should open
I click on safari and it opens. Good luck x

Thank you to this technician! Please give her a raise!! She’s professional, I can follow along with her at a relaxing pace, she’s gentle, she’s not doing the horrible pick it & flick it, she’s wiping the “stuff” on the glove as it should be, not smashing the “stuff” back on the person’s face, she’s not making a person bleed every 20 seconds. I like her a lot.

GREAT JOB!!!!!! Very little blood. Did not cause further harm to the client’s skin by poking unnecessarily with needle. Emptied the pores. Was thorough and did not rush. I subscribed. Amazing video. Great big pearl’s that I enjoy watching. I know I’m weird, but that’s okay because there’s lots of people that enjoy the same thing so it makes it okay. Lol. Have a great night or day everyone.

What is the point of wearing a mask if it doesn’t cover the nose. God only knows what diseases she’s passing on to her clients if ya going to stem off a little bleeding hole…make sure the wad of cotton hasn’t got recently blackheads on it please

YES!!! Loved this ?????? Extractions were clean and camera work steady. Right up to the end it was all great pops, especially the eyebrow and near the hairline… LOVE LOVE LOVE the tangled hairs in the blackheads! Hope we get to see the rest of this client since there was so much more left. Thank you for sharing! ?⭐️???⭐️?

Excellent job!!! Thank you for sharing holy cow so many blackheads! I could of watched for an hour, hopefully a part two. Happy new year I really wish that you’d make sure to empty the pores out completely. I also wish that if there are a group of blackheads in an area, that you’d empty them all. There was one point in particular that there were 4 blackheads close together, and you squeezed all but one, which was a little frustrating. Other than that it was a really great video

I bet if she took and put gauze on tips of her fingers on both hand then squeezed about an inch withe of skin between them she could pop like 10 at once. So pros & cons of the work are: a few sacks weren’t cleaned out, you need smaller gloves, especially gauze wrap for oily skin, or finger tipped extras. You didn’t go back to clean up some areas, video needs to be off auto. Lastly, grow, sharpen nails or get a vamp for your dominant finger, and remember to constantly wipe or dab skin with cotton. The Pros*?? are you had an easy face with easy pimples to work on, you squeeze more than one at a time, and didnt seem to be scared with needle now, gone in deeper in some safe areas were great.

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