This is FAR from satisfying. It’s one of the most frustrating videos I’ve ever seen

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Ker Plunk

Ker Plunk1 day agoI feel so bad for people struggling with severe acne.3REPLY

Pochii _

Pochii _1 day agoI think that person needs a dermatologist?? This is satisfying to watch for us but to that person it may leave permanent scars for popping those pimples and blackheads.7REPLY

Deborah RN

Deborah RN1 day agoI wanted to see this entire treatment not just 10 minutes :(….2REPLY

K. Krupinsky

K. Krupinsky1 day ago (edited)Does anyone else feel like they just lost 10 mins of their life that they can’t get back? I Mean geez what a perfect popping specimen. And it’s like the video should’ve been titled “what not to do while popping “. So frustrating.2REPLY


R H1 day agoI don’t like watching videos where people aren’t wearing masks appropriately. ☹️2REPLY

Елена Потапова

Елена Потапова2 days agoМы то, что мы едим! Прекратить есть острое и что попало! Это ж ужас, а не кожа!2REPLY

Sally Cowdry

Sally Cowdry6 days agoSorry, meant to add……covers the actual moment of the pop at the beginning of the video. ?10REPLY

lil Chris

lil Chris4 days agoWish you’d do the big red ones!!32REPLY

Exit 25 GSP

Exit 25 GSP3 days agoOh, I remember these days. I feel your pain.4REPLY

Carolyn Price

Carolyn Price4 days agoWhy stop the video? I would like to see the whole face done29REPLYView reply

Deborah Walker

Deborah Walker2 days agoHe needs to been seen by a Dermologist. Cleaning his skin properly!9REPLY

Wendy Kent-Shipp

Wendy Kent-Shipp3 days agoThis person needed a professional.42REPLYView 2 replies

Puanani Lee

Puanani Lee5 days agoI hope you videoed getting all those inflamed big ones! I’ll be waiting.10REPLY

Lucas Rodrigues

Lucas Rodrigues1 day agoNunca mais eu reclamo da minha pele1REPLY

Elda Cunha

Elda Cunha3 days agoTantos cravos e espinhas enormes,que ficaram sem tirar.Poderia ter limpado mais.11REPLYView 3 replies

Tammy Smith

Tammy Smith6 days agoJust wish this was longer! So great!6REPLY

Natalie White

Natalie White19 hours agoI used to have awful acne when I was a teenager but never like that! I mean, how & what actually causes these clients’ complexion get that bad!? I feel bad for them. There’s been time when I can how much it hurts the person having the treatment done.REPLY

Oleg Brusov

Oleg Brusov1 day agoХотелось бы увидеть результаты и чем обрабатывают кожу после таких экзекуций?1REPLY

my Rhode Island Reds

my Rhode Island Reds6 days agoKeep on learning! You will get better ? and please have the camera person practice so half the pops aren’t blurred.20REPLY


MARIA DE FÁTIMA GONÇALVES GOMES6 days agoUm vídeo bom é acaba rápido sem finalizar?4REPLY

Reggie Overton

Reggie Overton5 days ago@5:19…3 GREAT PULL OUTS WITHOUT SQUEEZING…?????????6REPLYView reply

megan janes

megan janes22 hours agoIt makes me cringe when they literally put the stuff on top of their fingernails where it’s still in the video1REPLY

Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory5 days agoHOW DO YOU

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