What awesome blackheads! Nice technique, great pace

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Alicia B-G

Alicia B-G2 days agoThese would be great videos if she emptied all the pores. The only empty pores are the ones that pop out in one piece, the rest are left unclean.70REPLY

Cainã Pasian

Cainã Pasian17 hours ago (edited)NASA before pandemic: We sent a man to the Moon NASA during pandemic: We’ll remove your blackheads11REPLY

Вика Викунья

Вика Викунья2 days agoУ них там что, дома зеркал нет? Почему сами не выдавливают свои угри? Там 99% удаляется в домашних условиях!9REPLYView 3 replies

Tina Isufi

Tina Isufi2 days agoThis was a spectacular example of huge blocked pores. I think the technician did a fair job and , yes, it’s eady to criticise her for not clearing the pores as much as she should have. But it’s easy being an armchair critic and I think she deserves credit for her work. ?51REPLYView 4 replies

April Hill

April Hill1 day agoI think using a needle to open up the pores is SO much better than those knives and other tools. Needles don’t slice up the client’s face and leave them cut up and bloody like those other things do.25REPLYView reply

Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin2 days agoSome clearly need to be squeezed again; too much is being left in the pore. Otherwise, a great video with relaxing music?224REPLYView 12 replies

Grace Geises

Grace Geises2 days agoI wish i was the one poping dem blackheads112REPLYView 6 replies

Sheila Ko

Sheila Ko2 days agoI am hoping for Part 214REPLY

Татьяна Балкова

Татьяна Балкова1 day agoВот чухака, так свою физиономию засрать?‍♀️?2REPLY


silksgirl1001 day agoWhy aren’t we seeing u do the whole face why does it stop when we still see more to do? We like watching the whole thing8REPLYView 2 replies

Eleanore Burris

Eleanore Burris1 day agoAm I the next level of crazy ppl? Looking this video with having lunch? but still feel satisfying?6REPLYView reply

shik bgood

shik bgood2 days agoThese videos are the gifts that keep on giving ? We want the POPS21REPLY

Terry Williams

Terry Williams2 days agoThose are many blackheads and she doing a great job on them3REPLY

Lia S

Lia S1 day agoGod I wouldn’t know where to start or when to stop2REPLY

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