I’m a huge werido I love watching these videos

This website will find the most pop video for you and thank you for watching here !!

This website will find the most pop video for you and thank you for watching here !!
If you’re restricted mod here is a pic of how to open it. There are 3 dots … top right click on them you should get drop down something similar to the pic. Click on your internet browser and it should open
I click on safari and it opens. Good luck x

Enilsa would have dispatched that in a few seconds with two cotton wool buds (and no anaesthetic) Ridiculous. That thing poppin out reminds me of my little tukey apparatus that pops up when its done! 🙂 We popaholics have become too smart for our own good and it’s your fault! I watch this and say, “Forceps are too large, use the splinter tweezers.” Or, “Use the curette!”

I was surprised at how that pore popped out, when the needle was injected! I was like, squeeze it Dr. Gilmore!!! Wonder why his wife didn’t squeeze that pore of winer, at home? But, it’s good that he came in for those lesions to be frozen off! Good procedures! One perfect example why health premiums are through the roof. The doc knows the lido and the drape… unnecessary. It’s probably billed as an “expanded visit” vs “minimal visit”, adding hundreds to the bill… aka padding the bill. Smh!!

I have never seen a more ridiculous drawn out production over a blackhead!! How over dramatic! YEAH! OMG! Dont touch it!! i don’t get how the patients can let the black head get that big. i get little ones on my back all the time but if i get a slightly larger one or a pimple i can feel it as i move or lean against my computer chair. they are easy to pop out, just like this one popped out.

Ah, just squeeze out the damn thing like regular folks do, it would already have been out. No pain shot, no vitamin spiel, just plain ole black head squeezin juice. But oh no, ya have to use the new improved manor of gettin juice shot all over P.S. I wonder what these internet doc’s do when they go to the bath room??? Huh, a number2 extractor. No ideas please, I’ll pass.

the bus shown at the beginning is an old British double decker from Scotland- you can tell from the shape of the destination screen. Most old British double deckers in America are painted red and dressed up as London buses, including types that London Transport never used. That bus is a Bristol Lodekka- all London double deckers of that age, including the famous Routemaster, were made by AEC. Greetings from the UK from someone with interests in both buses and pimple popping.

I don’t know, but it might be poor practice to ask your patients to disclose their other health issues to the world as well as maybe fringing on HIPAA. Just say’n!! Another repost Dr. Gilmore. Why even post the video? Lately all of your videos have been repost! If I didn’t like you Dr. Gilmore I would unsubscribe in a heartbeat! But I do like you and I’m hoping that you’ll start posting new videos soon. I hope that your in good health Dr. Gilmore.

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