I can watch DPOWs all day all night

If you’re restricted mod here is a pic of how to open it. There are 3 dots … top right click on them you should get drop down something similar to the pic. Click on your internet browser and it should open
I click on safari and it opens. Good luck x

Finally something worth watching in a long while. DPOWs are the best! Why am I so obsessed with DPOWs? I scour the internet looking for them, I think I have a problem. LOL

I clicked on the video and was like “only 200 likes?!” Then I realized it was uploaded 6 mins ago & was like “ooh that makes more sense” I hope this means that the show is coming back — the REAL show, not Before the Pop. I totally understand why she had to suspend office visits, though.

I lived with skin tags on my eyelid for years and never thought too much about them. At a routine doctor visit, for some reason I was inspired to have them removed. A couple quick snips, just like this video. I cannot believe the difference it has made! A tremendous reduction in eye fatigue! I wish I got to see a little more of the hole it left. I love getting to see the empty space they leave

I still think that they should go to old retirement homes looking for DPOW’s to extract. Edit: Get rid of the extractor already! Looked kinda stupid trying to use it on that. Lol it bothers me that I’ve taken stuff exactly like this from people’s bodies and it felt so satisfying.. I might as well go to school for it OMG….I love your work…Mrs Sandra Lee you inspired me…. If I could go back in time I would do it and become a dermatologist

There’s something very satisfying in how perfectly concentric the DPOW hole was afterward. i go nuts when i see such a huge mass of goop, and its hit with that silly little instrument.

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