Omg this poor poor girl has SO so many of these! I can’t even imagine. Thuy you did such a nice job draining them for her!

Holy Moly if I could be an esthetician in Vietnam, I would turn into a work alcoholic…. I would have to be kicked out of the spa every night.

Wow, those steatocystoma’s are neon yellow. This is beyond Mama Squishy yellow. This patient holds the title for the brighest neon yellow. I dub thee, Neon Gal.

Okay Thuy! You win!! That was the greatest extraction of steatocystoma multiplex I have EVER SEEN! You could actually see the discoloration under her skin so we knew where they were! Such an excellent job! Does she have more in her upper arms? Maybe another long video???

I believe she has topical numbing. If you notice, she has plastic wrap on her in areas. It’s gone when Thuy works on that space

Gaaahhh! The way you can see these visibly deflate in between her fingers is sooo satisfying! Possibly my favorite steatocystoma video ever

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