This is probably the more awesome video I’ve ever seen! Keep up the great work!

This is just about my favorite video in the whole Hung series. I love the ones that can be picked out in one piece and leave a neat little hole!

I have never seen acne this bad in my whole life. It’s pretty amazing. Must be very painful. At least I imagine it is.

I find this so much more satisfying now that Hung has cleared up. I can enjoy it better knowing he’s not in pain from this anymore.

Hung, I wish you the very best in your quest to clear and rid your skin of all imperfections. Greetings from Southern California

I don’t know how he restrained himself by (a) not squeezing them himself, and (b) not crying like a baby during extractions. kudos to the gentleman.

That was one of best videos that I’ve ever watched! And I have watched many. AWESOME!! Thank you for all of your amazing extractions!

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