Omg, there’s some AMAZING stuff going on in this video!! Firm plump pops, noodle soft ribbons,

You know that you have a problem when you would rather watch endless extraction videos then a movie on Netflix.

Please post a multi video series on this client. He has such a layered case of acne, it is going to take quite some time to get it all out. I can tell you were just trying to clear the surface to get it started, but the amount of inflammation and infection in his face is simply heartbreaking. I know we would all love to watch his journey to healthy skin, and cheer the both of you on the entire way!

We WANT to see the inflammatory acne worked on! Not the ones around it, the ones on the other side, the actual inflammatory spot!

How is it possible with all of the marvels of modern medicine that a cure for cystic acne hasn’t been found? These people are miserable! I feel so bad for them

Hey guys. I watched at 1.75 speed. Cut the time almost in half and still very clear video. Just thought I’d pass that along to anybody who needs to save time.

Please Sac Dep Spa, let us know when this client comes back to your spa to see how is he doing. This is a very interesting case to follow. Thank you.

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