Satisfying Blackhead Relaxing Video

If you’re restricted mod here is a pic of how to open it. There are 3 dots … top right click on them you should get drop down something similar to the pic. Click on your internet browser and it should open
I click on safari and it opens. Good luck x

Thank you! Would love to see ALL blackheads removed and noses scraped down the nostrils and at tip. I appreciate your consideration on these matters. Good video in genera

Hey Huong! Is this one of your staff? Didn’t look exactly like your work and noticed its not your name on the glove. She did a good job! That nose was fantastic This is an employee. No doubt. Not that I mind either… I value the fact that Huong allows her employees to post as she does. Who knows, there may be a rising star in there!

Great job on the popping. Could you put your name in the titles of your videos? It will make it easier to follow yo I’m sorry , Huong and Da nang spa staff. I think my earlier comment was extremely harsh and rude. I rewatched the video without external stimuli and it wasn’t as bad as I first originally thought. It wasn’t HORRIBLE. You could have been dealing with a difficult client. So, again, I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

She could’ve done this one with her eyes closed! There’s literally blackheads on every single centimeter of real estate! It’s surprising how sticky some blackheads can be when the oils get a bit dry and adhere to the skin in and around the pores they are hiding in. I like that you tackled most of the blackheads before working on the more inflammatory acne which can be a bit messy and hides the other different pimples in and around them. You did a good job. Also glad you put your name on your glove so that we can start getting to know you and the other amazing women who work for Huong and her family spa.

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